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Above the Fog is the podcast series from Grace Cathedral that shares the city’s stories with a new lens. Your guides will be the city’s artists, thinkers and doers together with cathedral voices who will inspire you with what’s meaningful about life. Each season focuses on a new theme and is hosted by our current podcaster-in-residence.

Oct 22, 2020

In this turbulent historical moment, you’ll be grateful to hear Hafez Modirzadeh and his concept of Chromodality -  bringing global musical languages together to honor the old, and the new. Modirzadeh is an active performer, writer and scholar of cross-cultural musical perspectives as well as a Grammy-nominated sax player and professor at San Francisco State University. His approach to music is deeply spiritual, and his conversation with Jen Chien will move you. How can we approach life and each other in a way, that allows us to learn, innovate and share with the greatest respect for each other? Hafez gives us harmony when we need it most.